Paul Rostorp // FullStack Developer

The following lists the majority of skills I have acquired as an enthousiastic coder over the past decade.



Leadership/Project Mgmt
Creative Problem Solving
Business Stragtegy
Finance & Accounting
Agile & Scrum
Documentation Writing


Express.JS, koa, fastify
User Auth & Security

FrontEnd Web

Cross-Browser & Responsive

Data & databases

DGraph - Graph Database
NEO4J - Graph Database
SQL - Mysql/Postgresql
Elastic Search

DevOps || Cloud

GitLab CI
GCloud & AWS


React Native
XCode & Android Studio

Other experiences include, but are not limited to: GO, Java, PHP, Python, Ambassador (Envoy), Linkerd, Nginx, Traeffik, AJAX, Ruby On Rails, FeathersJS, Natural language processing ...

Work Experience

  • NRJ Group, Paris • 2016-present • Fulltime

    Digital Growth Executive

    NRJ Group is a french multmedia group present in 17 countries operating multiple radio stations, television channels with a significant footprint in digital, events and advertising.

    • Continuous audit of internal processes and products accross digital activities.
    • Recommendation and implementation of growth and diversification strategies.
    • Took part in executive & technical recruitments.
    • Definition and implementation of an external growth (incl. M&A+VC) strategy.
    • Sourcing and securing of partnership and investment opportunities trough the creation a dedicated deal flow and targetted research.
    • Negotiation of partnership/investment aggreements and coordination of financial & legal teams.
    • Coding Projects:
      • Mobile Progressive Web App POC (Vue.JS) developped to advocate the maturity of web apps for historically native-only functionnality (background audio streaming + live video + chromecast/airplay, offline use, push notifications...). This app also features a Graph database to provide blazing fast hybrid content recommendations (collaborative & content-based) as well as a GraphQL API to reconcile multiple data sources, and a fully secure user authentication and tracking system. View the project →
      • Landing Page for NRJ Digital Ventures (VC Initiative that I led) & Vue.JS Admin Panel to manage deals, provide secure S3 document storage with custom user auth ACL.
      • Facebook Messenger Chatbot to provide customer support and provide information regarding show programming and concert dates & locations. This bot features custom NLP (Natural Language processing) for the French language as well as voice commands.
  • Hoomiz • Freelance • 4 months

    Lead Developer

    Development of a React Native mobile app for Medical Patients & Nurses, along with Firebase backend and extensive web based react administration dashboard. After refactoring and migrating from a disfunctional and incomplete codebase, the following functionnalities were developped and implementated:

    • User authentication & authorization with roles system along with user managment interface in admin panel.
    • Integration of payment provider (MangoPay) into the app along with custom recurring payment subscriptions handled with cloud functions.
    • Development of a calendar system to
    • Development of custom Employee and Pay management solutions to provide automatic monthly payments to Nurses and generation of PDF Paychecks sent by email.
    • State management and offline access to appointments and payments
    • Automated Push Notifications for events & marketting.
    • Creation of complex, data heavy views for analytics & monitoring.
    • Available on IOS & Android app store. (n.b: not responsible for design)
  • Team XI • Freelance • 1 month

    Development and design of Shopify e-commerce site for Clothing Startup TeamXI. Counseling & training of staff on usage of the shopify platform and on marketing tactics & tools. View the project →

  • UNNAMED Influence Marketing platform • Founder • Seed Stage

    Influence Marketing Automation Platform indexing Influencer Profiles to allow advertisers to target specific communities on social media through AI. This was before Instagram API Deprecation.


  • BHCC, Boston • 2015

    Entrepreneuship & BA

  • Northeastern University, Boston • 2013-2015

    General Engineering Curriculum

  • American school of Paris, Paris • 2010-2013

    International Baccalaureate: Higher Level Computer Sciences, Higher Level Computer Physics, Higher Level Computer Economics

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